Trailer Trip 2021 - Day 6-8: Yosemite to Mohave

Went thru Yosemite a few days ago.  The line of cars was long and slow moving.  Parking a Bridal Vail was closed due to construction. 

Bridal Vail from Lookout

We just breezed through and then camped outside the park.  We camped just outside the park in a place where people go 4 wheeling.

ORV Camping Spot

After Camping just outside of Yosemite we drove all day to Mojave National Preserve and camped right at the entrance, just as it was getting dark.

Parking Spot at the entrance

We explored Mojave for a day.  The park ranger was nice enough to let us drop our trailer at the visitor Center.

Mojave Visitor Center

After dropping the trailer, we headed over to explore a lava tube.  It was cool to see the light shining down into the cave created by the Lava tube.

Lava Tube

I about killed myself hiking to the top of the 650 foot kelso dune in Mojave. Maybe you can see the pain on my face as I make the first tracks along a knife edge sand ridge.  

Kelso Dune