Trailer Trip 2021 – Day 3: Virginia City

Today we got up around 7 am.  It was very cold last night down to 20 degrees.  Every time I got up I ran the water in the sink to make sure it wasn’t frozen.  We had the heater on all night.  Inside it was up in the high 50’s.  Plenty warm.   I was up around 7 am to take a few sunrise photos.  After getting up I started cooking some cinnamon rolls in the convection oven.   We are new to using the convection oven.  But they came out ok.  Probably should have cooked them at 375 instead of 400, because they were a little hard on the outside and soft in the inside.  Not burnt mind you, but maybe just a little over cooked.

We also took showers because we are in an RV park and have power and water.  After breakfast and showers we went up to the office an checked in.  It was $50 for last night.  We decided to stay another night, that was another $50.   Turns out the spot we were in was reserved tonight, so we had to move to a new spot.

After moving we went up to main street and walk along the board walk looking at all the shops.  I was probably around 10 am.  A lot of the shops were still closed.  We walked the entire length of the boardwalk on both side.  Heather bought a few things.  Of course, I bought nothing.  Women shop and men wait around for them to finish shopping. 

My parents took us to Virginia City Nevada when I was 12 or so. In case you are wondering that was more than 50 years ago. The only thing I remember from that trip is going to the Bucket of Blood saloon for lunch.

Bucket of Blood Saloon

After shopping we got in back in the truck and drove back to the campground.  We had grilled cheese sandwiches courtesy of Heather.  Once lunch was over we drove down every road out of town, road 6, the two different highways checking out the sites.  Not a lot to see close to Virginia City.  Heather gather some rocks and then we headed back to town.  We drove all the different roads looking at all the old house.  The roads are narrow and steep.  I’m guessing they are narrow due to the fact that they were laied out before cars were invented.  Probably plenty of room for horse and buggy. 

After checking out the town and the surrounding hills it was back to camp for dinner.  Heather made Spaghetti for dinner.   Of course, spaghetti was not supposed to be on the menu tonight, but some of our food thawed out.  In order to have spaghetti I had to take everything out of the back of the truck just to find the two ingredients needed for dinner.    Spaghetti noodles were found in one tub, while the sauce was in another.  Heather wasn’t too happy about me saying a few words about how she packed.     I only hope she will start talking to me again, but I will just have to wait and see.