Trailer Trip 2021 - Day 11 -13: Valley of Fire


We left Las Vegas area and headed out to the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada.   While we were waiting in line to get into the park, we saw a family of big horn sheep trying to cross the busy road.  They all got across safely, with a hop, jump and a fast gallop, and quickly scaled the hill on the opposite side of the road.  They are very quick.  The campground was full in the park, so we had to turn around.   Maybe Easter weekend was not the best time to come out here, you think?  We ended up stayed on the BLM land off highway 15, on Valley of Fire Highway, between mile marker 6 and 7 before you get to the park entrance.  There were about 20 other rigs parking out here. The price was right for staying here (free), but you could see every rig parked here, because there are no trees.  Today’s high temp today was 94 degrees.  When the sun went down it cooled off a little.  With the light gone you could see the lights of Vegas in the sky.  Even so you could see lots of stars out.  Can’t wait to get further away from civilization for some real star gazing.

Camp spot outside of park

Sunset over the desert

The next morning we went into the Valley of Fire on of Nevada’s State Park.  We spent a day and ½ in the park.  Lots of red rock, history, desert sand, and wildlife in the park.  I was surprised to see a bunch of fairly tame Big Horn sheep wondering around.  We camped in the Atlati campground, one of the two campgrounds in the park.  The campgrounds are first come first server.  The Atlati campground had free showers, an RV dump, and few sites with electricity.  We were not lucky enough to get a spot with electricity, so we roasted all night during the quite hours, when we couldn’t run our generator and A/C.  The Park entrance fee was $15 for non-Nevada residents ($10 for Nevada resident) and $10 for camping.  It would have been another $10 for electricity, which I would have gladly paid if we could have only gotten electric hookup spot.   After spending a day and ½ of seeing the sights we moved on to Stewards Point in the Lake Mead National Recreation areas.  The camping was free at the point, but you needed a park pass to get into the recreational area.   Water was a little was cold in the lake for swimming.  I would have gone in but the shoreline got muddier the further I walked out.  We settled for cooling down by in our chairs at the water’s edge while soaking our feet.  It was a nice way to stay cook in the 93-degree heat.  We ran the generator until 2 am in the morning just to keep cool while sleeping.

Landscape, Wildlife, Petroglyphs  and Lake Mead