Trailer Trip 2021 - Day 9 – 10: Lovell Canyon and Red Rock Canyon

We left Mojave yesterday and headed over to Lovell Canyon by Las Vegas. Lots of dispersed (free) camping over here.  We stopped at Red Rock Canyon on the way here and got tickets for touring it tomorrow morning.  

Red Rock Canyon entrance sign

We found a nice spot all by ourselves up one of the side roads, in Lovell Canyon, and set up.  The sky was stunning as the sun went down.

Evening sky in Lovell Canyon

The next morning, we left our trailer for the first time, while we went and toured Red Rock.  We hiked around all day looking at the sites.  Here are some of the things we saw in the Red Rock Canyon park.

Why it is called Red Rock Canyon

Heather Climbing in the rocks

Art from early residence of Red Rock

Lizard Sunning on a Rock


After our sightseeing we headed back to Lovell Canyon for the evening.   It was another beautiful evening just like last night.