Good to Explore BC - Day 5: June 6, 2022

While I was laying in bed this morning, I started thinking about the price of diesel.  Probably should not have been worrying about the price of fuel for this trip, but brain had mind of its own.  My mind decided it was foolish not to top off my tanks prior to leaving the cheap USA gas.  If you call $6 plus is cheap.  I knew my middle diesel tank could easily take 10 more gallons.  I got up and dumped the content of 2 jerry cans into my mid tank.  

I headed to the gas dock at 8 am with the two empty jerry cans.   The gas dock at Deer Harbor is self-serve.  I put my credit card into the machine, and started pumping diesel.  I put in a little over 2 dollars and it shut off.  It was then that I realized the gas dock doesn’t open until 9 am.

I went back to the boat.  Took a hot shower, a luxury on a sailboat with a limited water supply.  But since I was at a marine, no problem.  After getting squeaky clean I filled up the water tank.  I then did the two-tank shuffle once again.  This time I was successful in filling up my tanks.

With the water and gas all topped off we headed out.  Next destination would be Van Isle Marina to clear Canadian Customs.  We motor sailed across the border, into the marina and tied up to the customs dock.  It was about 12:15 pm when we got there.

I jumped off with all our paperwork and called the customs officer.  They asked the usual questions, like how much alcohol, any tobacco products, and how much money was I bringing in.  I answered those.  Then they asked me how much “Fruit” I had on board.  To which I answered some oranges.  They asked again.  I swear they said fruit again, so I said “I have 5 oranges.”  The custom lady asked one more time a little differently, she asked “How much food do you have on board?”.  When I realized she wanted to know about the food, I switched the phone to the ear I can hear out of and apologized for being hard of hearing.  I then rattled off the food we had on board.  She seemed satisfied.  But she did have one more question.

Her question was “Did you fill out the ArriveCAN app?”  My answer was yes I filled out the app and I provided my passport and images of Heather and my vaccination cards.  She then asked for the 6 digit ArriveCan app number.  I said I was not able to get that because the app needed an address where I was staying.  I told her my boat didn’t have a Canadian address so I was not able to complete the app.  She said wait a minute.  I was then put on hold.  After about 5 minutes she got back on and said I needed to complete the app and get the 6-digit code before they could give me my clearance number. I said fine and asked what address should I use.  She informed me to use the address for the marina.

I then had to find the gas dock attendant to asked the address of the marina.  I then got online and completed the app, and got the 6-digit code.  When I called back to the custom people I gave them my code, and bingo I got my clearance number.  We started the motor and shoved off.  We were now good to explore BC.

We motored out of the marina and headed north.  Shortly after clearly a few of the islands close to the marina we started sailing.  We sailed for 16 miles or so before the wind shut down.  We motored the last few miles to our night’s destination, which was Clam on the east side of Penelakut and Thetis Islands .  This is the same anchorage I stayed in when we headed to Alaska 4 years ago

Clam Bay 4 years ago

Clam Bay Today