Swifts Bay to Deer Harbor - Day 4: June 5, 2022


At around 2 am I could hear the wind whistling in the rigging.  I got up and looked out the hatch.  I had to confirm we were still anchored in the same spot.  We were, so I went back to bed.

The wind blew all night.  At first light I got up, turned on the wind indicator to determine how hard it was blowing.  It was blowing in the low 20s.  I went back to bed.  But of course I couldn’t sleep.  Eventually I got up and posted yesterday’s journal entry.

Today the barometer says 1003 millibars. That means the barometer went down since yesterday.  Makes sense, but I really would like it to go the other way.  Also I looked at the highest wind gust at anchor.  It was 33 knots.

This morning I decided to start my new hydronic furnace.  It kept shutting down with a low voltage code.  I eventually started the motor and it worked fine.  It is a long run for the wires.  I’m wondering if I need to run a bigger gauge wire to the heater to limit voltage drop on the wire.  Or possible my battery is low.  Guess more troubleshooting is in order.  At least it was able to produce hot water to wash the morning dishes.

We pulled up the anchor around 11 am.  Sailed for 3 miles and then motored the rest of the way to Deer Harbor after the wind died off.  Arrived around 2pm. No one at TYC dock.  In fact less then 10 boats had been here since September 2021.

I topped off my tank with the last full jerry can on the deck.  I then went and pumped another 13.572 gallons in the three jerry cans at the gas dock.  Diesel here is 6.92 per gallon. 

Had an early dinner tonight and then relaxed the rest of the evening.  Tomorrow we will be heading over to Canada.

Classic Powerboats At Deer Harbor