Part 2 – Emergency Dental Work


You need to go cruising without a schedule.  Schedules and sailing don’t mix.  Kind of like oil and water.  This suggestion comes after the issues I had during a repositioning trip aboard Nordic Sun II between Ketchikan Alaska and Vancouver British Columbia (BC).  Emergency dental work and a couple of gales almost cause us to not meet our deliver port arrival date.

As I was trying to get to Nordic Sun II to my emergency dental appointment, in Nanaimo, a storm blew through.  The strong winds kept me pinned down for a day.  This stressed me out a lot, as I worried about multiple things.  Additionally, it caused me to get up way before the sun came up, because I needed to make a long days run,  just to get to my appointment on time.

I was relieved once I got to Dr. Geekie’s office for my dental exam.  She determined that one of the three nerves in my right upper molar was probably dead.  Solution was a root canal or have my right upper molar pulled.   We decide that my best course of action was to have the tooth pulled.  But since I was Canada and I had to pay cash for the exaction, I opted to wait until I got back in the United States.

After talking to my level headed wife (Heather).  She said “Just get it fixed.”  She didn’t want me to have to seek out another dentist in some other Salish Sea cruising location.  By the time I decided to have the bad tooth pulled it was too late to get it done on the day , of my exam.  Now what to do?

I called a dentist at my next port of call, which was Vancouver BC.  Only to find they couldn’t get my tooth pulled for a least a week.  I had a restless night sleep worrying about what to do about my tooth ache.  Then it came to me.  Just go in and ask Dr. Geekie if she could squeeze in a tooth extraction into her busy schedule  

Bright and early that morning I hoofed it up to her office.  I shared my emergency dental work saga with her.  See understood my dilemma and said she would pull my bad tooth during her lunch break.

My tooth extraction actually happened a little earlier, due to a cancellation.  My tooth was pulled with little effort, and without any discomfort.  The doctor was very good at numbing me up.  She also had a very calming, and reassuring chairside manners.  Plus a little joking around during the procedure, made my extraction fun, if you can believe that.   

All is fine now.  My worries are over, and I have little or no tooth pain anymore.  Only problem is I have one less tooth in my mouth. Additionally Nordic Sun II is now back on schedule.  Yeah!!!

If you are ever in Nanaimo and need dental work done, I highly recommend Dr. Geekie.  I’m also starting to think that dental work might be cheaper in Canada verses the United States.  Therefore, I might travel back to Franklyn Street Dental Centre to do all my expensive teeth maintenance.